Since 2009 CDMeccanica s.r.l. produces standard and special jaws for self-centering chucks, accessories for machine tools and grinding machines for drills, mills and threading dies.

Concentrated on the new needs of recent machinings, CDMeccanica s.r.l. produces and designs equipments for lathes and horizontal -vertical machining centers, with a direct  interfacing with the customer, studying and improving the final product together.


The great range of products the company is dealing, includes these type of jaws:

  • Standard steel soft jaws
  • Monoblock jaws
  • Undrilled and drilled jaws
  • Reversible hard jaws
  • Aluminum soft jaws
  • Hard claws for outer clamping
  • Soft finger jaws
  • Hard claws for small diameters clamping
  • Soft full grip jaws
  • Hard claw for inner clamping
  • Hard base jaws

CDMeccanica S.r.l. also supplies  accessories for machines tools, as:

  • Single and combi t-nuts
  • Outlock & Setlock
  • Clamping inserts
  • Jaw turning rings
  • grippers
  • Stopbarr
  • Fastening screws and softworkpiece stops
  • Griffo (jaw-holder carriage)
  • Driving dogs
  • Reduction bushes
  • Comparator supports with magnetic base
  • Faceplates for turning and grinding jaws
  • Sprinter (to manually restore the rotating surface of any type of grinding wheel)
  • Standard and safety wrenches for self-centering chucks and faceplates

Thanks to its internal warehouse, regularly supplied, CDMeccanica s.r.l. reduces to a minimum the delivery terms, thus meeting any customer’s request very quickly. Furthermore, its warehouse structure  can satisfy all requests coming from all over the world


Recently CDMeccanica S.r.l. has set up an efficient cutting service, for all customers and/or suppliers, for raw materials till 400 mm diameter, thanks to the utilization of technologically advanced machines enabling them to cut huge quantities of material in small times and with great cutting precision.



Since 2017 CDMeccanica s.r.l. has developed a third party milling service with 5-axis machine for prototypes or small quantities of mechanical parts.

5-axis milling enables operators to make complex machining designed with 3D models and handles through CAD/CAM systems.

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