Production of jaws self-centering chucks, accessories machine tools.

Since 2009 CDMeccanica srl is being producing and selling jaws for self-centering chucks, equipments and accessories for machine tools, grinding machines for drills, mills and threading dies, directly designed by the company or created under customer’s drawing.

Since its starting the Company is being outstanding for the professionalism of their staff, continuously improving its own machining technics throughout experience in this field and advanced instruments .
CDMeccanica S.r.l. has got a wide machine pool, always under updating. It includes machining centers with NC or manual milling machines and lathes, sewing machines and packing machines for the products to be shipped.

The Company puts a professional team at his customers’ disposal, providing them with technical and after-sale assistance, through a careful check of production processes, starting from the selection of raw materials till the finished product. This quality control makes CDMeccanica S.r.l. a company mark, engaged in meeting the customers’ requirements and assuring the very high quality of its productions.

The Company ships its accessories for machine tools all over Italy, islands included, and in many other European, Asian and Northern America countries.

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Directly get in touch with the area of your interest, CDMeccanica is at your service.

Cristian G.
Tecnical Department Manager
Matteo G.
Commercial and Administrative Manager
Daniele O.
Production Manager
Maurizia P.
Accounting Department
Filip K.
Italian and Export Department

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