CDMeccanica specialist in the production of JAWS FOR SELF-CENTERING CHUCKS, strictly Made in Italy. From steel or other raw material bars CDMeccanica creates any kind of end product.
The materials used are of quality and researched, each of one properly choose for standard jaws and /or special jaws.

Designing and production of special jaws is being made “ad hoc” for any need of the customer, all inside its structure, from the technical department which throughout the most modern soft-ware facilities designs the particular to be created to the production of the piece in the “special area” of the workshop, with the most suitable machines.

Furthermore internal and qualified technicians are at customer’s disposal for possible meeting at its own work house for better studying and the produce the requested equipment.

Morsetti - CD Meccanica


All items included in “standard” group which can be found in the general catalog, as following list, are for all types of chuck:

Steel standard soft jaws Monobloc jaws
Soft jaws blanks without holes and with holes Reversibile hardened jaws
Aluminum soft jaws Hard claw jaws – for O.D. clamping
Finger soft jaws Hard claw jaws – for small diameter clamping
Full grip jaws Hard claw jaws – for I.D. clamping
Hardened base jaws

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