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Sharpening of twist drills, diamond drills, step drills, flat drills, center drills, countersinks, counterborers, taps with 2-3-4-5-6-8 cutting edges and at high torsion, web thinning, notching, etc.
Sharpening of two-fluted mills and twist drills with differentiated cutting edges.

The NEWFORM 275 machine, further to preserve all the characteristics of smaller models, it is supplied with a unit where a new type differentiated cutting angle sharpening can be performed so as to be able to sharpen both twist drills and millers.

This type of sharpening aims to achieve two goals: max penetration capacity with a drill featuring higher cutting capacity and perfect centering thanks to a very thin and perfectly concentric web centered with respect to the outer diameter.

This device, being totally self-contained with respect to the unit that performs the normal sharpening, enables to change easily from one type of sharpening to another according to the various sharpening requirements.

Min.grinding diameter mm 2
Max. grinding diameter mm 40
Min. drilling angle °40
Max. drilling angle °180
Grinding wheel size for conoid sharpening mm 200 x 32 x 32
Grinding wheel moto power CV 1 g/min 2800
Web thinning motor power CV 0,18
Straight cup grinding wheel size mm 100 x 50 x 32
Speed of straight cup grinding wheel chuck g/min 6000
Millers and twist drills sharpening motor power CV 0,35
Refrigerating system motor power CV 0,12
Operating voltage Total weight Kg 280


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