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The grinding machine PROFILE 120 possesses great versatility and reliability, being thus possible to make all grinding operations of: mils, reamers, brazed tools of various sizes and shapes, inserts for turning-milling-reaming-threading-grooving and whichever special profile.
In different industrial sectors, often due to technical or construction requirements, special cut profiles and geometries have to be carried out so as to satisfy fabrication needs to a higher extent: PROFILE 120 perfectly meets these requirements.
It is a compact grinding machine and it is built under the same criteria used for machine tools; vertical and traverse carriages move centimeter by centimeter tables run on hardened slides with cross rollers.
The proper interpretation and utilization of the concepts and design and ergonomy directed the design to the machine toward the search for a particular structure type enabling a reduction of overall dimensions, the elimination of vibrations, the fitting of accessories which make possible for the operator to move more simply and naturally, as well as easier around the machine.
The access to controls is optima and makes possible for the operator to change his movements in many manners while operating.

Max grinding wheels diameter
mm 125
CBN or diamond grinding wheel diameter
mm 125
Grinding wheel motor speed
g/min 2800
Grinding wheel motor power
CV 0,75
Universal side
Vertical stroke
mm 125
Lengthwise stroke
mm 120
Transversal stroke
mm 70+130
Side for inserts and hard metal tools:
Table inclination
Total weight
Kg 390
Operating voltage
220/380V – 50 Hz


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