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NEW IN 150


Patented model
This is the unique machine on the worldwide market which can sharpen the threading dies, thus enabling to reduce to the minimum costs for outer sharpening and improving the productivity thanks to a total control of the producing unit inside the production circle.

Some examples of sharpening:

Lead-in grinding with spoil regulation
Threading die tooth lengthwise grinding with divider from 3 to 14 divisions
Conical lead-in grinding

Variable speed grinding wheel electro-spindle

Electro-spindle speed

from 20.000 to 40.000 rpm
Speed variator located in the control board
Electro-spindle power
210 W
Automatic reciprocating motion of the variable stroke electro-spindle saddle
Device for electro-spindle carriage lengthwise micrometric progress (pat.)
Maximum grindable diameter
200 mm
Maximum threading die outer diameter
280 mm
Maximum grindable cutting angle
Grinding wheel collet diameter
6 mm
Flexible lamp-holder with alogen lamp 24 V
Total weight
215 Kg
Machine voltage
220/380 V – 50 Hz


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